Producer: Star Trading AB  
    Getting connected
    Technical Info
1. Does the system have any limitations?
Answer: 100 system metres or 2,000W. The wattage and system metres for each product can be found under the Products link in the menu to the left.

2. What does "system metres" mean?
Answer: The number of metres the current travels before reaching the product. Therefore, not the length of the product, but the length of power cable before the product. Refer to the system metres for each item under the Products link to the left.

3. Can you connect lightchains/ropelights and loops?
Answer: Yes

4. Is it possible to replace a bulb if it blows?
Answer: No, the bulbs are of the highest quality and have a burning time of approximately 20,000 hours. The bulb also contains a power bridge and built-in resistance, so that if a bulb goes, power can continue to cross this bridge. This means that only the broken bulb goes out and that the other bulbs are not overloaded.

5. What is the bulbs' burning time?
Answer: Approx. 20,000 h.

6. Have the products been certified?
Answer: The products are tested and approved by Semko. 

7. Are the product waterproof/rainproof?
Answer: All products are IP44 approved, i.e. approved for outdoor use.

8. What do Startset and Extraset mean?
Answer: Startset contains a connection cable, while Extraset contains only the product without a connection cable for connecting an existing System Expo product. Connection cables can be supplied separately